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For a long time now, I’ve liked to drink several coffees a day. It’s true that a good coffee helps you get to work and start the day off on the right foot! However, I can no longer tolerate throwing more than 20 capsules a week in the bin for my own personal consumption.
The piston coffee maker is an alternative, but it is not very suitable for individual use and does not offer the same result. Faced with this observation, I looked for an alternative for coffee machine enthusiasts who are concerned about their environmental impact.

I have heard about refillable stainless-steel capsules.However, customer evaluations were   mostly negative… I decided to test all the existing capsules on the market in order to understand the problems encountered by consumers. After several weeks of experimenting with different coffees, different coffee grinds, different pressures during tamping, different Nespresso machines…my results were conclusive. There was reason to offer a more satisfactory product than what was already on the market. My family and friends were quickly won over by the project. Now it was time to take action!

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Having always dreamed of entrepreneurship, I decided to found GUSSIMO in 2019. Very concerned about my customers’ satisfaction, I designed a complete top-of-the-range kit enabling the preparation of very good coffees using a GUSSIMO refillable capsule. To do this, I imagined the ideal kit: a beautiful storage box, all the accessories adapted to prepare your coffee with a GUSSIMO refillable capsule, favouring wood as soon as possible, and above all, a personal guide detailing all the tips and advice from home.

Today GUSSIMO has succeeded in reconciling Nespresso coffee lovers and people who care about respecting the environment. For each kit sold, up to 3 coffees a day, that’s more than 1000 aluminum capsules that are not thrown in the trash every year… and that’s what makes me proudest. »

Erwan, founder of GUSSIMO


  • Thank you GUSSIMO! Since I have been using your refillable capsules, I no longer use aluminium Nespresso capsules. Very happy to contribute in my own way to a better world.

    Marion Brelloi

    23 years old
  • Perfect gift idea to please! The Gussimo box is very elegant and makes an impression.

    Alexis Sauchet

    39 years old
  • We save about €600 a year with my partner since we started using Gussimo ecological pods. We make about 2 coffees a day each. The ground coffee costs us less than 10 cents per capsule and the result does the trick.

    Christine Valloi

    48 years old
  • Gussimo capsules are of much better quality than the screw caps (spiral or small hole) that can be seen on competing sites. I have tried these 3 different capsules, and I guarantee you with a strong conviction that the coffee and foam obtained are much better with Gussimo capsules.

    Alex Freget

    30 years old
  • Gussimo stands out from the other competitors in the sense that they offer personalised support to make very satisfying coffees, notably via their EBOOK. Their customer service is really top-notch if need be.

    Jean Chenaud

    35 years old

If you ever have any questions, we would be happy to answer them to enhance your GUSSIMO experience. 

E-mail : gussimocafe@gmail.com

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